Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Date with Mommy

Since the addition of Quinton to the crew Shayden and I haven't had a chunk of time just the two of us...which I am sure he was missing (at least I tell myself that).  So this past Saturday when Chris offered to take Q with him I jumped at the chance to hang out with Shayden and take him tailgating at the OSU game.  
We jumped on the bike and hit the trail downtown to join all the madness around the stadium.  Shayden has been infatuated with the marching band since his introduction to buckeye fever last year.  This year proved to only increase that passion as we march around the house, play the drums, guitar, take off our hat and bow (like the drum major) etc...  So as soon as we had lunch at the tailgate we jumped on the chance to see both bands enter St. John's Arena for the skull session.  Shayden had a blast and did not take his eyes off the band members until they had marched out of eye sight.  It was a great afternoon and I was happy to have the memory with him.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quinton - 4 months

Quinton had his 4 month check up yesterday and is growing like a weed!

Weight: 15 lbs (47%)

Height: 26" (79%)

Head Circumference: 43 1/2 cm (76%)

He is such a joy and all smiles...we are happy and blessed parents!
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Monday, November 08, 2010

Country Time

"Uncle Tom has a farm...eeeiii eeeiii oooo" - was the song of the week last week as we headed out to my brothers farm to spend some time with he and his wife Beth.  It was a perfect fall day and the weather was nice and crisp which made the roaring fire Tom had going picture perfect and also required wood to be fetched...and who do you think was up for a ride in the truck and the manly job of getting wood...that's right, you guessed it, Shayden. 
If you haven't met my brother Tom then I should fill you in on how he mesmerizes children and even more so little boys that love trucks/machines/and all things boy.  So when the offer came to go out in the truck with Tom to get wood Shayden was more than happy to help and was overjoyed when he was allowed to get behind the wheel and drive (his hands only on the wheel) all through the fields, barely dogging the rows of corn.  
Quinton held down the fort inside with Aunt Beth and Chris who slaved over some awesome homemade pizza (a personal quest that Chris is on right now for the perfect homemade pizza for under $10).
We finished the night off with the boys in bed and a four wheel ride through the fields to check out the stars and a fire side chat.  Thanks so much Tom and Beth, we had a great time and can't wait to get back out there for another visit.

Shayden chucking wood off the back of the truck

Quinton holding down the fort (or at least the floor)

Our delicious pizza...well done babe!

Monday, November 01, 2010

November 1st

As we head into a season of thankfulness I thought I would give all you ladies (or gents) out there with a dishwasher something to be thankful for....

my sink after a nice dinner :
(this equals no paper plates and more than 1 course was prepared)

Start time: 10:20pm
Finish time: 11pm

My counter, oven and yes even the highchair with everything drying upon completion:

And please don't read this wrong, I am not complaining...I know full well my blessings here too...HOT water, nice rubber gloves so my hands don't get chapped, a wonderful sponge brush that fills itself with soap so I don't have to take an extra step and squeeze out droplets of soap as I get the point.  But, and a small but, when my day comes and I realize the american dream of owning my own dishwasher I will bask in its beauty and possibly but not probably toss my rubber gloves under the sink.

Welcome to November!