Friday, June 13, 2014

Lemonade Day

This past weekend we embarked upon our 2nd Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand, an organization that raises money for Childhood Cancer Research and families.  Shayden spurred this on last year and everyone was eager to continue the tradition this year.

We had a beautiful day and so many wonderful friends, family and neighbors drop by to join in the lemonade drinking and the donating.  We even had multiple friends from afar jump online and give to our virtual stand.  It was a wonderful day and the boys were super pumped to count all the donations at the end and take their jar to the bank (Even the bank teller got excited and donated right on the spot).

All in all it was a huge success with just over $450 raised.  Well done Team Testa!

Note to Sutton:  Sorry we missed you in the picture, you really needed a nap.  We love you and you did work hard scooping that ice.  xoxox

Friday, December 06, 2013

Annual Tree Extravaganza

Well last weekend marked the Annual Tree Cutting tradition with some dear family friends.  Chris' family and this family have been going on this adventure for over 20 years.  
The day resembles something close to this...
9am - meet up over hot coffee and pastries
10am - hit the road
10:45am - arrive at tree farm
...wait to get on bus/trolley out to field
...take an unusually long time picking out tree - you really just can't rush these things you know...perfect trees aren't found in 10 minutes.
...ride back to main house and see Santa and Mrs. Claus
...pack up and head home

I had a precious moment with Shayden this year while we were getting ready to leave our house in the morning.  He wanted to see if we could stop by the store and get Santa a present on our way.  When I asked him what he was thinking of getting, he replied "a notebook and pen", ok why buddy do you think he needs that..."because I don't think he can remember what I ask for, he never seems to bring me what I tell him."  I then had to go into some detailed explanations as to how these things work sometimes and all the while I was silently applauding him for his problem solving skills.  It was a classic parenting moment I won't soon forget.

Ready to go and anxious to get their hands on a saw

Aw...I just love that little face

The boys brought their measuring tape

Have to make sure its gonna fit

Shayden's request a dirt bike - Quinton's request a candy cane
What a difference 2 yrs makes

Notice Mrs. Claus trying to bribe her with the candy cane...yeah, not gonna work

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ravine Romp

We had a fun little excursion this past weekend and a walk down memory lane for Chris.  There is a ravine near his childhood home where he would play and he has been talking about taking the kids to go stomping in the little creek and search for salamanders and such.  Well we decided to do it this past weekend and boy did we have an adventure.

For one the little creek was a major creek as we had a lot of rain fall recently - which meant we were still definitely doing it (you know once you go to all the work to get 3 little ones ready for something like this you don't back down unless you absolutely have to) but we needed to be a bit more strategic in our path.  We managed to wind down the sides of the ravine for a ways and then forged across at a passable spot - thanks to Uncle Scott who pretty much carried Shayden, Quinton and then assisted Sutton and me.  

The kids had a blast and it was a great memory.  I had a slew of awesome pictures except when I uploaded them I realized I had the setting wrong and the majority were blurry and just plain stunk.  Total Bummer!

Here is what did turn out...

Take note how wet Uncle Scott is...he was awesome!  Here he had just helped the boys cross and is dumping water out of there boots.

We can't wait to go back and do it again.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sutton Update

After glancing at our blog today I realized I haven't posted much on our little lady and how much she is growing and changing right now.

Accomplishments at the moment...10 months

Pulling up on everything and everyone.
Can stand for a few seconds without help but she doesn't know it yet.
Pointing and Screaming at things she wants, baby sign language used when she feels like it.
Saying "Da Da", "Ma Ma", "Teddy" and "Deer".
8 teeth are now present and accounted for.
Sleeping through the night = 12 hours.
Napping like a champ.
Hair is growing, although more in the back than the top.
Can climb a flight of stairs unassisted, coming down is an act of death defying proportions.
She has a deep love of "teddy" and "panda" and will squeal with delight upon seeing them.
Oh, and we are madly in love...she has her hold on us all.

A few pics from this month