Friday, November 30, 2012

It's a Girl

Sutton Paige Testa
8 lbs 1 oz
21 inches

And yes, officially 1 month old and I am just now posting.  Can you say "Mom of 3"...  Sutton was technically 11 days overdue, but perfectly timed by God.  My water broke at 10pm on the 27th and after hanging out and catching a few hours of sleep things really started happening around 4am...and kicked up to intense around 9am.  By that time we were comfortably settled at the hospital and I was making my laps around the floor.  

Everything was different with this pregnancy.  My morning sickness was the worst of all 3, my pain in the third trimester was really hard for a few weeks.  We didn't find out her sex at our ultrasound, so that was to be a surprise, and I really wanted to accomplish a natural labor without any interventions.  Chris stated it perfectly one night when he said "It's like we are doing this for the first time.  I have no idea what's going to happen".  Man was the build up and excitement all worth it...I was so excited to meet this baby, you could have handed me an orangutan and I would have loved it to pieces (okay, so minor embellishment  but you get the idea).

So back to labor...I unfortunately had rough back labor the entire time, but thanks to my strong labor coaches (Chris and Rachel) we worked through it.  We had a great team of nurses who cheered us on and were super encouraging.  It was definitely the most intense physical challenge of my life but more than worth the prize at the end.  When Sutton arrived and we found out she was a girl, it was utter joy and sheer pleasure.  I balled my eyes out like a baby.  

Sutton has been such a good baby, she is so sweet and very relaxed.  She cries when she is in need of something but otherwise very content and peaceful.  The boys love her and Shayden is a super baby entertainer.  He is constantly singing and dancing for her at times when I need a few minutes to accomplish a task.  Quinton loves her but has certainly realized that she is staying and has mentioned a few times for me to put her down and just be with him.  All in all though I would say we are transitioning to a family of 5 very well.

1 month stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 7.5 oz
Height: 22.25 inches

We love you Miss Sutton!
Welcome to the Family