Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Makes Three

We are super pumped and excited to announce the arrival of Baby Testa #3 in October.

While it has taken me some time to post, it is not due to lack of enthusiasm, just busy with two toddlers and life.  We are 22 weeks along and our due date is currently Oct. 17th.  As of right now Baby weighs 1 pound....incredible!  

Shayden took the first baby bump picture...well done buddy!

(14 weeks)

(21 weeks)

As a mom I think I will always cherish the moment we told Shayden and Quinton about the baby.  For some back history, Shayden has been praying for a baby for months...serious praying people.  We are talking at least once a day and many times with passion and conviction.  He has a whole-hearted love for babies and desperately wanted one to make a debut in our family SOON.  I am so thankful and grateful for his precious heart and for the technology that captured that moment in time. (will get from Chris' computer later to share with you).

We had our big ultrasound Tuesday and I held my ground on not finding out the sex, even though Shayden and Daddy were begging from the sidelines.  I have really wanted this pregnancy to contain elements that the others didn't - and that major factor being the surprise in the delivery room when they announce if you have a boy or girl. 

We are moving from a family of 4 to 5 and very excited about all God has blessed us with thus far!  We can't wait to meet you Baby!

Monday, June 11, 2012


This morning as I was enjoying my bowl of cherrios, piled high with strawberries, I decided I really wanted some fresh strawberries - picked from the field and plopped in my bowl kinda fresh.  So, we strapped on the galoshes, pulled on our rain coats and picked up Grandma for an adventure to the strawberry patch.  
Most would say the weather was not picking appropriate with two toddlers but the rain kept hardly anyone from joining us in the patch and also kept my two little ones busy picking till their bellies were full and running around the field until they were exhausted.
For a last minute adventure it was perfect!

Quinton with a mouth full and working on another

Shayden attempting to convince me he likes the white ones

Rainy day keeping the crowds at bay

The wet but happy crew