Thursday, February 17, 2011

Laughable Moments

Two fun videos of the boys that just make me laugh....enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quinton update

I was reminded earlier today, by another blog, that I have been remiss in updating our blog  on Quinton....who is turning 7 months this week!  So here are some fun facts and updates on his movements these days.

1. Teething is in FULL swing...which means I rub some whiskey on his teeth/gums and then take a shot for my own sanity  :)
2.  Crawling is in motion just not in the right direction.  He can go backwards and sideways but has yet to do a full knee, knee, arm, arm in the forward motion.
3.  Babbling, well lets just say he LOVES his own voice.  His favorite babble, to Chris' delight, is "dadadadada".  But he has no idea what he is saying so I still have hope that the true "first word" could in fact be "mama".  I have Shayden working on this each day along with myself, so Chris is outnumbered.
4.  We are totally out of 6 month clothing.
5.  Quinton is a full inch taller than Shayden at this point and a pound lighter.
6.  We are in full food mode...veggies down, starting on fruits and his favorite is pretty much anything mixed with oatmeal.
7.  He is still all smiles!  I love his easy going attitude and constant joy.  He will just beam at anything and lights up the most when he sees Shayden.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Shayden and the Potty Train

I guess some mom's would call me lazy seeing as Shayden has been using the potty in some form or another since he was 18 months old...but on January 20th at the prime age of 2 years and 3 months I decided we were officially getting on the potty train and not turning back.  You see, I didn't want to fail and I certainly didn't want to fail because of any silly reason like, 'I am enormously pregnant and taking this child to the restroom is hazardous to my existence', or 'He loves to pee and just won't poop so now we are forcing him to sit there for over an hour and work it out', or my personal favorite 'I am going to make you go pee or you are going to wish you had never existed'....Ugh, all of that just seemed awful and well tortuous to both parties involved.  So I waited, waited until I felt he was good and ready and that honestly so was I.  And I am happy to report that for this occasion in life it was timed perfectly.  It went a little something like this...

Me: Shayden we are going to wear big boy underwear now and use the potty all the time.  You need to keep your underwear dry and if you do all day you can pick out a present from the basket on the top of the toy shelf. Oh, and every time you do use the potty you can pick a treat from the basket and put a sticker on your potty chart.
Shayden: OK
Day 1 - no accidents
Day 2 - 2 accidents
Day 3 - no accidents
Day 4 - no accidents
.....and on and on and on
(I think in total since the 20th he has had maybe 5 accidents and Chris and I can take full blame for at least 3 of them due to not being available when a request was made...oops!)
So all in all it has been a real treat and even a fun event to potty train and I couldn't be happier.  Shayden is proud of himself, we are proud of him and the cost savings is making our bank account proud of us too.
(side note for all moms reading this who want to know how in heck he is not having more accidents...we are still doing diapers at nap and nighttime (although they are dry most of the time) because frankly I am not ready yet for him to announce he is out of bed and working his way to the bathroom at 3am...not yet little buddy, maybe in a few months.

A few pics to mark the journey:

And yes those would be all his stocking stuffers from Christmas that I saved for this occasion...Chris was so proud.