Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011

This month has not been a grand one so far in the Testa household.  While I wish we were celebrating St. Patty's day in style and romping about in the early spring weather, we have been battling ear infections, pneumonia, stomach bugs, viruses, and the average cold.  Ugh!  I have to say this might go on record as being our worst winter ever due to sickness.  
Quinton has taken the brunt of the hit, most items listed above he has had and we are still battling an infection in his ears that has required 3 different antibiotics (please Lord let it end with this one).
I on the other hand am SO ready to have healthy children and I need a serious house cleansing as I feel that until all has been sanitized and washed with hot water we are still susceptible to enemy germs.  I know I am not alone, the word on the street is that this winter has been tough on lots of folks and the waiting room in my ped's office is a testament to that fact.
I don't want to make it all sound gloomy, on the bright side we are a happy and loved family.  Quinton is pulling up on things now and desperately wants all items out of reach.  He is BUSY the entire time he is awake and has discovered his tongue can make amazing sounds when applied between his lips.  He is still constant smiles even when sick and loves to make Shayden laugh and to laugh with him.  Shayden is always the inquisitive one.  He wants to know about everything and will stick on a subject until he feels he has exhausted all information from me he can.  His knowledge of machines and construction is amazing and he now corrects my limited truck terminology.  We have hit a period of defiance and Shayden wanting to do many things his way.  While he still accepts reality and our instruction well, we have definitely seen our first tantrum this month and now understand exactly how that feels when done in public.  Wow!  I think that about sums up that experience in one word.
So maybe I needed to write this post to see that all in all this month hasn't been so bad after all...and hey, we still have two weeks to go.  So here's to the rest of March being a dream and Chris having a wonderful birthday this weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Everything looks normal in this picture, right?

Enter our new little hoarder:

List of items:
cell phone
9 books
Chris' belt
2 trucks
2 cans soup
baby toy
pull toy
protective eye wear
bucket of alphabet letters
change purse

Shayden, your secret hiding spot has been found!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Daddy's are cool

Because they...

always let you cook with them.

let you come to work and hang out for as long as you like.

make you and your buddy super cool desserts.

think setting up the tent in the family room is as cool as you do.

Chris - you are a super cool dad and we LOVE you!