Monday, September 26, 2011

Flashback Photo

I jumped on Chris' computer tonight to do a little vaca research and found our Europe photos from 2004.  Had to post a pic of the two of us, pre move to AZ, pre engagement, pre wedding...but so in love! 

Venice, Italy

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hired Help

Shayden experienced the joys of being paid for his work recently and boy did he love it!  Our neighbors, who are incredible with the boys, love to have them come over and help.  So when John asked if Shayden could help pick up his trimmings and work a little I was more than happy to hand him over the fence.  Once he completed all his work John rewarded him with a whole dollar!!! His smile was priceless...

His dollar is proudly displayed on the refrigerator and I am contemplating framing it for him...over the top?  I haven't decided yet.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Costello Vaca 2011

One week ago we embarked upon another Costello Family Vacation to the Outerbanks of North Carolina.  Now you might be asking, 'hey wasn't there a hurricane?', and yes you would be correct but that didn't stop my family of 27 people from hitting the road and praying for the best.  And we were blessed, we were able to enter our beach house on Tuesday with no damage except piles of sand on the decks and pool.  The weather was incredible, the kids had a blast and once again my parents pulled off an incredible week for our entire family.
This was an especially enjoyable vacation for me as it was my first in 4 years that I was not pregnant, breastfeeding or had an infant to care for...hello, it was awesome!  The boys LOVED the sand and played so well at the beach.  Shayden was a digging machine with his boy cousins and Quinton dabbled in just about everything including his favorite - running straight for the ocean with no fear!  I think one of our favorite highlights was taking Shayden crab hunting on the beach one night...watching he and his cousins Eli and Maddie shriek with delight was something I will always remember.

Enjoy a few of my favorite thankful I didn't burden you with all 384.