Friday, November 30, 2012

It's a Girl

Sutton Paige Testa
8 lbs 1 oz
21 inches

And yes, officially 1 month old and I am just now posting.  Can you say "Mom of 3"...  Sutton was technically 11 days overdue, but perfectly timed by God.  My water broke at 10pm on the 27th and after hanging out and catching a few hours of sleep things really started happening around 4am...and kicked up to intense around 9am.  By that time we were comfortably settled at the hospital and I was making my laps around the floor.  

Everything was different with this pregnancy.  My morning sickness was the worst of all 3, my pain in the third trimester was really hard for a few weeks.  We didn't find out her sex at our ultrasound, so that was to be a surprise, and I really wanted to accomplish a natural labor without any interventions.  Chris stated it perfectly one night when he said "It's like we are doing this for the first time.  I have no idea what's going to happen".  Man was the build up and excitement all worth it...I was so excited to meet this baby, you could have handed me an orangutan and I would have loved it to pieces (okay, so minor embellishment  but you get the idea).

So back to labor...I unfortunately had rough back labor the entire time, but thanks to my strong labor coaches (Chris and Rachel) we worked through it.  We had a great team of nurses who cheered us on and were super encouraging.  It was definitely the most intense physical challenge of my life but more than worth the prize at the end.  When Sutton arrived and we found out she was a girl, it was utter joy and sheer pleasure.  I balled my eyes out like a baby.  

Sutton has been such a good baby, she is so sweet and very relaxed.  She cries when she is in need of something but otherwise very content and peaceful.  The boys love her and Shayden is a super baby entertainer.  He is constantly singing and dancing for her at times when I need a few minutes to accomplish a task.  Quinton loves her but has certainly realized that she is staying and has mentioned a few times for me to put her down and just be with him.  All in all though I would say we are transitioning to a family of 5 very well.

1 month stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 7.5 oz
Height: 22.25 inches

We love you Miss Sutton!
Welcome to the Family

Friday, October 12, 2012

Captain America turns 4

Shayden is 4 years old!!!!
Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how fast those years have gone...but they have and this past weekend we celebrated in Superhero Style.

Shayden really wanted a superhero party this year and after grabbing a few costumes while I was out and about he landed firmly on Captain America.  A solid choice in my mind, I have absolutely NO CLUE about any superhero's, as there were no swords/guns/weapons involved in the costume.  :)

We gathered all our superhero friends and family members and embarked upon an adventure fit for any little superhero in training.
The evening started out with our Superhero Training Course which was demonstrated so well by Captain America's Grandpa (in full costume I might add).  And the kids grabbed onto the challenge well.  The course included, running, sliding, jumping, climbing under ropes and finished with a human tunnel formed by loudly cheering parents.

A Superhero meal was next on the agenda as each little superhero needed to power up for their upcoming challenge....The Superhero Strength Test.  Each child, if they so chose, could have their parents wrap them up in toilet paper and then break out using their superhero muscles!  It was a big hit with the boys.

The night finished off with a Captain America cake and plenty of sugar loading for the kiddos.  All in all a wonderful night to mark our little man's entrance into his fourth year.

A few pics:

Shayden, Happy Birthday buddy.  We love you to the moon and back.  You are an amazing little boy and we are so happy and grateful to be the parents God chose for you.  You continue to amaze us with your interests and knowledge.  And while your negotiating skills are improving a little too fast for my liking I know God has great plans for the wisdom you are gaining each year.  
All our love and admiration,
Mom and Dad

Thursday, October 04, 2012

93 and Fabulous

On Tuesday we celebrated Grandma Lilian's 93rd Birthday!!!  And it was a celebration to remember.  We surprised her at her dance class....yes, that's right, her dance class - which she drove herself to by the way.  And boy was she shocked and excited.  Mom and Dad Testa had a beautiful cake and cards ready for her and her friends and everyone gathered around to sing and celebrate.  
She then topped off the celebration by dancing for an hour and half...the boys and GranDanna joined her for some sweet moves and I think she really enjoyed getting to show off her Great Grand Babies to her friends.

A few pictures to highlight the occasion.
We love you G.G.

The Beautiful Cake

Total Shock when she saw the family at class.

Singing and Blowing out the candles.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family Vaca 2012

Two weeks ago we embarked on our annual week at the beach with my entire family.  Once again it fulfilled all expectations of full family fun and beautiful beach weather.
The boys loved everything about the week and were at great ages to conquer the waves.  They both did very well at parent assisted boogie boarding and paddle boarding.  And even though we all got rocked by a few waves they were right back at it without a hitch.  Chris was in Daddy Heaven!
The week consisted of many cones of ice cream, sunny book reading, playing in the pool and hot tub, cousin hysteria and of course Duck Donuts.  We all joked at different points throughout the week how loud one house can get with 15 little ones underfoot, but in truth the joy that comes with all that cousin time is priceless and the adults enjoyed it just as much.
I think my only regret this year was my lack of picture taking - which I will chalk up to being way too pregnant on a vacation...attempting to give myself grace on that one.  But I did manage to get a few...

Daddy Love

Family Pic

15 cousins and counting...

2nd Annual Trip to Duck Donuts

Men at Work

One of many ice cream cones...its vacation right!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Busy Bees

We have been busy!!!  And while I could bore you with multiple posts I will just combine some of the events in the last month into one....

Guest Room Re-do:
While our guest room is awesome = large room, great closet, on-suite was lacking in the up-to-date style sort of way.  So, one of my projects was to redo it before the baby was born.  Here are some before and after shots.  And while I have still have some finishing touches to do it has happily housed at least 10 guests since its completion, including our first international student!



Pimp My Ride:
In August we also said goodbye to the Honda Accord.  The first car I ever purchased!  It was time to move to something larger as 3 car seats DO NOT fit across the back seat of a 4-door vehicle.  So after getting a lovely detail, snapping a few pictures and throwing it on Craigslist...I sold her in just under 4 hours.  It was a bitter-sweet moment as I soared in my victorious sum of cash on our counter and then plummeted back to earth as I realized I had left myself without a vehicle for an unknown amount of time.  With much kindness from friends and family for a week we were soon the proud owners of a Honda Odyssey = Hodssey (what hot moms drive)!  And yes I am lovin' being a "mini-van mom"...these things are just too sweet and way to practical not to rock out for a few years (or more).

Goodbye Una Nocha:

Hello Tortuga:

Thursday, August 09, 2012


There are moments in motherhood that take your breath away and leave a lasting soft spot...a few weeks ago Chris and I had this moment with Shayden.  It was just before bed and he requested a little check up on the baby and Mommy.
Grabbing his doctors kit he proceeded to check our heartbeats and declare all was well.
I was so thankful Chris ran and grabbed the camera (as so many of these moments are only captured in our minds).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Camping 2012

A couple weeks ago marked our 3rd annual camping trip with my siblings.  And yet again, it did not disappoint.  The kids, 15 now between us, were super excited to hit the woods and water for the weekend and the grown ups were happy to oblige.  

All 15 cousins

For a family that never camped growing up (minus one memory of a tent in our backyard) I am pretty proud of the setup we somehow accomplish for the weekend.  We cram 1 camper and 5 tents on two lots and have a blast.

This year we talked Daddy into staying with us overnight (kinda tough to tell your pregnant wife you are going home to bed while she stays with your two sons) - so of course the air mattress was on the top of the packing list for Daddy and he was a great sport the entire weekend.

Chris has the tent setup and air mattress inflated within the first 20 minutes of setting up camp...priorities people!

We have to give proper thanks to Uncle Kathan and Aunt Beth who organize this every year and provide the boat and water fun...and this year was our first as a family to enjoy this aspect.  Quinton was old enough to stay the whole day and WANTED to be on the boat and tube the whole time.  Shayden on the other hand had to be convinced to just try the tube and thankfully loved every minute of it.

Both boys 1st tube ride and 1st boat ride...what a great memory.

All in all it was a wonderful time with my family and memories I will cherish with the boys always.  Thankfully the weather was awesome this year and the air mattress really was nice!  Here is the official family shot in front of the tent...and please be gracious in your judgement of me (sweltering heat and pregnancy don't treat me kindly in the looks department).

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Quinton

Today marks another year for Quinton!  He is a very proud little two year old, even though half of the time if you ask him if he is two, he says "no".
While he has been sick all week, poor guy, he perked up for a quick visit to the toy store this morning and picked his birthday present out all by himself.  To our joy and  appreciation it was a lovely $5 plastic chainsaw...well done Quinton!

Tomorrow we celebrate with the family and hopefully a happy and healthy little boy.

Quinton, you are a complete joy!  You have the sweetest and also orneriest disposition.  You constantly share with Shayden and are always willing to love on others.  You are the best cuddler in the family and your early morning snuggles are priceless.  We are thoroughly enjoying watching your personality come through as you learn to voice your opinions and desires more and more.  We can't wait to watch you grow and become a big brother.  
All our love!

A few pics to mark the last 2 years...

1 day

6 months

1 year

1.5 years

2 years

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Makes Three

We are super pumped and excited to announce the arrival of Baby Testa #3 in October.

While it has taken me some time to post, it is not due to lack of enthusiasm, just busy with two toddlers and life.  We are 22 weeks along and our due date is currently Oct. 17th.  As of right now Baby weighs 1 pound....incredible!  

Shayden took the first baby bump picture...well done buddy!

(14 weeks)

(21 weeks)

As a mom I think I will always cherish the moment we told Shayden and Quinton about the baby.  For some back history, Shayden has been praying for a baby for months...serious praying people.  We are talking at least once a day and many times with passion and conviction.  He has a whole-hearted love for babies and desperately wanted one to make a debut in our family SOON.  I am so thankful and grateful for his precious heart and for the technology that captured that moment in time. (will get from Chris' computer later to share with you).

We had our big ultrasound Tuesday and I held my ground on not finding out the sex, even though Shayden and Daddy were begging from the sidelines.  I have really wanted this pregnancy to contain elements that the others didn't - and that major factor being the surprise in the delivery room when they announce if you have a boy or girl. 

We are moving from a family of 4 to 5 and very excited about all God has blessed us with thus far!  We can't wait to meet you Baby!

Monday, June 11, 2012


This morning as I was enjoying my bowl of cherrios, piled high with strawberries, I decided I really wanted some fresh strawberries - picked from the field and plopped in my bowl kinda fresh.  So, we strapped on the galoshes, pulled on our rain coats and picked up Grandma for an adventure to the strawberry patch.  
Most would say the weather was not picking appropriate with two toddlers but the rain kept hardly anyone from joining us in the patch and also kept my two little ones busy picking till their bellies were full and running around the field until they were exhausted.
For a last minute adventure it was perfect!

Quinton with a mouth full and working on another

Shayden attempting to convince me he likes the white ones

Rainy day keeping the crowds at bay

The wet but happy crew


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wet Your Whistle

We had our 1st official pool day yesterday and Shayden surprised us by remembering his GAL's  finger whistle and showing us his version.

Needless to say he had us rolling with laughter and used it quite a few times to get a hold of me when he needed my attention.  

This one's for you GAL.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diggin In

Yep that's right...we are digging in around here, in just about every mulch bed, flower bed and outdoor area of the house.  And the boys are loving it!  Those could be their hands pictured above from all we have done, but I couldn't risk grabbing a camera and attempting to catch a shot like that while keeping them safe and dirt out of the house.  :)

We have successfully raked every bed, hoisted around 30 bags of debris to the curb, weeded until I am pretty sure I didn't want to pull one again and now we are on to the good stuff.

Planting flowers, cleaning pool furniture (pool officially swimmable on Saturday), mulching and learning how to care for a landscape of this proportion.  To say we are being schooled in the ways of home ownership is an understatement, we are knee deep and I'm loving it.

As I get ready to post this, Chris has just returned from a run to the hardware store and we are headed back out for a quick mulch job on the front bed before we go to bed.

Off to the yard....Hooray for Summer!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Columbus Clippers Ring Your Bell - it was Max's 4th Birthday...and he took us to the ball park - THANK YOU MAX!  ...oh, and Happy Birthday little buddy.

We had a BLAST this past Monday night celebrating with our nephew Max as he turned 4 at the  Huntington Ballpark.  Sam and Jen invited all the siblings and kiddos to overtake the lawn section at the park and enjoy an evening under the night sky.  It was a night to remember.  The kids had so much fun running around, Eli and John caught a ball, it was Dime-A-Dog night and the weather was picture perfect, 80's with a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky.
And to top it all off, it was both Shayden and Quinton's 1st ball game!
It could go down as one of my favorite memories from this far :)

A few pics to mark the occasion.

(left to right) Gabe, Shayden, Eli and Max

Action Shot - Shayden practicing to catch a ball.  (nice camera work Uncle Luke)

A huge thank you to Rachel who allowed me to borrow her camera.  A rare moment of forgetting mine.  You were a lifesaver!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 was in one word, Wonderful!

Not only do I love that our oldest, Shayden, understands the full reason for Easter but also that he can explain it to anyone who wants to listen with full passion and love for Jesus.  Its just awesome!  And Quinton, well he fully understood the reality of an egg hunt this year and that was special as well.  :)

We had a full weekend with a family visiting us from Michigan, a great egg hunt and a wonderful sermon and family brunch on Sunday.  

A few pics to highlight the weekend...

Community Egg Hunt - 50,000 eggs and a special egg drop by a helicopter.  
Little Boy Approved!

Shayden on the left, Q on the right

Quinton was on a mission this year, and kept saying "more, more".

We had a small family egg hunt on Sunday night as well, the boys received yard tools from Mommy and Daddy.  We have fondly nicknamed them "GAL's Maintenance Crew".

He is Risen!

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Boys

As I glanced at my last blog post, I realized how much I needed to post an update on my little men.  Man oh Man are they changing.  Quinton is coming out of his shell and attempting to share all sorts of opinions and feelings with us - some adorable, some end him up in time out over and over again. 
Shayden, well he is a big boy and he will be sure to tell you that.  He is feeling very grown up, super tall, super strong and ready to tackle whatever you give him.  
A few pics to highlight our past 2 months.

Our first rocket - Nemo Rocket - was a huge success.  Good job Dad!


We are getting ready for summer, goggles, snorkel and fins have been used in every shower and bath since last month and I have to say Shayden's skills are improving.  Quinton, well he looks adorable but I'm not sure he uses them properly.

We had our first round of stitches 2 weeks ago.  Shayden fell out of bed in the middle of the night and hit his night stand.  After a few hours and 5 stitches we were back in bed and ready to go the next day.  The most amusing aspect of the whole thing was he was super pumped he did not have to have any band aids.

On to Spring...