Monday, June 27, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gearing up for the big day

We are just weeks away from celebrating Quinton's 1st birthday (sniff, sniff) and with that comes many changes, some great and some sad, but today the UPS driver brought a fun upgrade that comes with turning 1 year....a new car seat!  That brown truck couldn't have pulled up at any better time.  The boys had just gotten up from their afternoon naps and were super pumped to have a big box at the front door.  Needless to say it didn't take long to have everything unpacked and the box ready for their use.  I am pretty sure it was a hiding spot, a space shuttle, a food truck and a sleeping spot before they turned in for the night.  Here are a few pics from the day.  

Hey, what am I so excited for?

Riding in style

Boys in a box

Final trip in the space shuttle before bed
(side note: this is Quinton's new "cheese" smile, hilarious)

Thanks Grandma and Papa for my early Birthday present...I can't wait to ride in it. Love, Q

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Much Needed

After almost a year of not seeing my BFF Andrea she came to Ohio for a visit and her sister's graduation, so it was with great excitement that she came to Columbus for 2 days to see ME (oh, and her sister...but really ME - just teasing Natalie).  Along with getting to see Andrea it was my first time getting to meet her new little boy Lincoln (10 months old) and spending some quality time with her oldest Noah. 
 We hit the Zoo in 95 degree heat and I have to say the kids did really well considering how awful it was outside.

Together Again

The crew (Lincoln, Noah, Jaxson, Quinton and Shayden)

Tiger Demonstration and we arrived at the perfect was incredible.

The following day I was able to slide away from the kiddos for a few hours and get some coffee with Andrea and some shopping therapy.

We had a great time together but it was much too short.  Thanks for coming Andrea and taking the time away from your large family to see us.  Miss you already!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Amish Country Day Trip

Really this blog post should be entitled "Only the Strong Survive".  This past week our play group decided to take a day trip to Holmes County, OH for a visit to Amish Country.  Four brave moms strapped in 8 toddlers for a 4 hour round trip car ride and a whole lot of excitement in between.  
Our big stop was a working Amish farm where the kids were steeped in a history lesson (which only the moms absorbed), played in a barn with all the baby animals, took a ride in an Amish buggy and toured a school house.  While they totally enjoyed the whole adventure I think the real highlights were the Noah's ark playground on the farm, the animals and the buggy ride.  All other interesting facts and amazing views were lost on them.

A tour of the farm house.

Enjoying some baked goods in the shade.

Checking out the baby bunnies that were born the night before.

The buggy ride was awesome!  There is something to be said for open air travel.

Up close and personal in the school house.

I think some of my most surprising moments were how well everyone did under the circumstances.  The little babies didn't get morning naps, it was SO hot all day, the house tour was 45 minutes of talking and walking, the school house tour was 15 minutes of talking and even some didn't nap on the way home.  Through all of it I was so glad we made the leap and plunged in.  These are the experiences I want my children to have, whether they can grasp every aspect or not I believe it will affect them and shape them in some way or another for their future.  And for me it was a day of full appreciation for my modern conveniences and the reminder to slow down and treasure what I have around me, my family and friends.

Miss June

Meet our newest niece, June Olivia.  
It took us a few weeks to meet her as we had some colds to get rid of but she is the cutest and sweetest addition to my brother Luke's family.  Our first few moments with June...

5 years together

On May 20th Chris and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary.  I know right, crazy!  While on one hand it seems like we have been together forever (8 yrs dating and 5 married), on the other hand it was just yesterday that I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend.  This anniversary was particularly special because since having children we haven't been away just the two of us.  So it was with much excitement that we dropped the kids off with Chris' parents and had a mini 'stay-cation' here in Columbus.  And I have to say, when done right, Columbus can be a pretty cool town to hang out in.  
We had an awesome time living it up at the Hilton Easton (courtesy of Ryan and Steph and their crazy amount of Hilton perk points that they blessed us with) and enjoyed fabulous meals all over town with gift cards that we have accrued for probably over a year now and some from Chris' parents given to us just for the occasion.  
Many thanks to everyone who assisted in our time away.  It was much needed and even more appreciated.

The Hilton Easton - we highly recommend when visiting Columbus.

Sunday brunch, delicious and free of little hands.

Hyde Park for dinner - our vote for best steak in Columbus.

All in all a fabulous celebration.

Summer is here!

And it has brought us busy days.  I was reminded, very nicely, by my brother last night that I have been remiss in updating my blog.  Which made me think 'slacker' on one hand and then, 'hey, my brother actually reads my blog' on the other.  So here come some updates...enjoy.

Our first few days of sunshine meant constant begging from Shayden and back door clinging from Quinton to be outside.  Makes me so thankful for our backyard and the space to play.

The back steps where we watch the gentlemen mow our lawn, from start to finish without a word uttered.  This is by far Shayden's highlight of each week and he talks about his lawn mower guys year round, he knows them by name and anticipates their high fives and short conversations.  Quinton is starting to join in and certainly enjoys the noise and activity.

I love that this picnic table is now gracing our backyard...its history, almost everyone in my family has had it in their backyard for their children at some point.