Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Barista Chris:

I have received so many comments on both my blog and facebook regarding my frequent consumption of lattes that I thought I should grace you with a picture of the master himself at work. You see for Christmas Chris decided he was going to achieve the art of the latte and whenever he sets his mind to something like this he doesn't give up until perfection is obtained. Thankfully I love lattes so I was thrilled when the gift of a milk steamer was received by Chris from my parents and a stove top espresso maker from Chris' parents. In just a few short trial runs he was making excellent lattes and now feels that even the frothing of the milk is to his standards (see pic below). Now while you may find this amusing I will appeal to your recession based financial minds and let you know that we saved roughly $90 by making our own lattes vs purchasing at your local retail location. Well done Chris!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cereal Time:

We are loving the addition of cereal to Shayden's diet...we started a few weeks ago while in Palm Springs (ssshh, don't tell the doc) but I think our little guy was ready and he has proved to be in love with his cereal time. Enjoy a quick video from this past week - taken just as he was finishing up.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Sunday with Max:

As with all Sunday's we started ours at church and it ended up becoming a cousin hang out day that I just had to share with you - mainly because Shayden's cousin Max was off the charts hilarious today and I couldn't help but share the hightlights with you.

For lunch we hit up Wendy's where Max made a few phone calls and checked on his stock portfolio...

We then hit the local trails for some much needed play where Max showed his fellow guy cousins exactly how to chill in your stroller with true style...(take note of the foot and lack of eye contact when you see paparazzi)

The day was brought to a close with dinner out where Max showed Shayden just how much he had to learn...

Max - we can't wait to spend another day with you and hope you teach Shayden all the wonderful things you already know.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shayden's new cousin:

We are so excited to welcome the newest member of the family - Claire Emmanuel. She was born yesterday to my brother Luke and his wife Bethany. She is a little peanut but doing awesome! We can't wait to spend more time with her...enjoy a few pictures.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sweet Sunshine:
We are currently in Palm Springs visiting Shayden's GrandDanna and Paw Paw. I have to share with you the first picture I took upon arrival (well make that the first 2) so you can appreciate the scenery we are enjoying and the other to show you how pooped out little man was upon arrival. I should say he is doing amazing even with a 3 hour time change to adjust to.

We are having a blast and are so thankful to be out stop Scottsdale.