Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dallas Visit

Okay so this post is a little late, but we had a GREAT time in Dallas a few weeks ago visiting the Wannemachers and meeting baby Sam for the 1st time. Let me just say Shayden was enamoured with him and did not want to leave his side. Sam loved the attention - except when Shayden decided to kiss him SO much the layer of slober was visible from 10 feet away.

Along with getting to hang out and see Dallas again the boys enjoyed their 5 yr reunion and we all had a great time at the Homecoming Parade. While the boys enjoyed golf the ladies were pampered...all in all it was a fabulous week - thanks for the invite guys!

SMU Campus - in front of Dallas Hall

The boys loved the parade and Shayden was dancing to all the music.

Shayden tried his 1st pair of cowboy boots - Ryan's childhood pair that Sam will soon sport

Our little guys

For the faithful who read all the way to the bottom - enjoy this special treat!