Saturday, January 26, 2013

Full of Joy

I am full of Joy...
for so many reasons but lately just in the peace and contentment God has given me.  I don't know if the birth of Sutton has caused me to turn a corner I didn't see, but she has in fact changed us and caused me to reflect in all these moments at home and taking a step back to care for now 3 little ones.
I feel so much joy.  God is good each and every day and if I just stop to take Him in I so quickly realize all He does for me and my little family.
We are loved by a large and wonderful extended family and friends.
We have been blessed with a home to live in, food on our table and little ones to fill our days. 
We are in a country where, although frustrating at times, we are allowed and encouraged to love our Lord each and every day in the way we so choose.
We look forward to our future, not dreading the next day or wondering how we can provide for our babies. 
In so many words...I have it good, very good.