Saturday, February 28, 2009

I see you:
Shayden has once again proved to us just how bright he is (wink, wink)! We have obviously whipped our camera out a fair share since he has joined us and while we didn't think he would catch on so quickly he definitely knows when we have it on and loves to stare right at it...on this occasion I set it on the table, attempted to distract him while I turned it on and still he somehow knows he is being recorded...but I love his face when he sees it, it's classic!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hint of Lime:

Our friends Chris and Amanda came for President's Day weekend and we had a blast. While they were in town we had a Valentine's Day lunch at Abuelo's (one of our favorites from our time in AZ). As we entertained Shayden we decided to let him try his first hint of lime. You will want to pay attention to the end of the video - his face is priceless.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cousin to Cousin:

Shayden's cousin Lauren was so sweet to him this past weekend. We were having our February Birthday celebrations as a family and Shayden was getting bored in his Johnny Jump Up so Lauren being the sweetie that she is found a stool, grabbed a book and went to town without anyone suggesting anything. It was adorable and we were so glad we caught a few seconds before she saw us.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Mommy Mishap:
I made a total "mommy mishap" today when I headed out of the house without my stroller in tow. I didn't realize this of course until I was at the mall with Shayden (in his car seat) on my arm and plans to meet Grandma C inside.
Now while this may not seem like a mishap - I mean women do carry their babies around right? - we had just come from our 4 month check up where we confirmed that Shayden has hit the 15lb mark which means his is no light little thing to be swinging around while gallivanting through the mall.
Plan B: I will find a mall stroller and make it work - well it might have been a good idea except this particular mall has now eliminated their complimentary strollers.
Plan C: Macy's - just outside the department store door I spy their shopping carts - score one for the mommy before you get too excited these particular shopping carts are so sleek you cannot possibly set a car seat in them. At this point I have unloaded everything on the floor and am trying everyone possible angle to make it go.
- At this moment a kind sweet young saleswomen, who I am sure has been watching me this whole time, comes over and tries to help. Still no success, she then even more sweetly goes somewhere in their back hallways and finds me an old school shopping cart that she hopes will work for me. It is dirty, wet and has way too many squeaky wheels but if I pull the fabric portion I can make it work.
Revel in my success and laugh at poor Shayden's misfortune!!! You should have seen the looks I got it was awesome!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Full Circle:
Today is my 27th birthday...woo hoo! And the best part about today is that exactly 1 year ago we found out we were pregnant with Shayden. It was surreal holding him today while he slept in my arms (a rare occurance) thinking how much can change in a year and how awesome our God is. Here are some pics - the first on my 26th birthday and the second from today.