Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy's Big Helper

Shayden has become increasingly fond of our vacuum. If he hears me open the closet door that its contained in he will run over and inspect what I am doing in hopes that it is coming out and we are going to get to work/play. Needless to say with a toddler running around this happens quite frequently!
Lately its not enough that he chase me or get in my way the entire time but he wants his turn at using the hose and sucking up anything and everything he can get his hands on...thankfully nothing other than crumbs and dust thus far. Saturday morning I was hitting the kitchen floor and let him have his turn while grabbing the camera - below are a few still shots and one video of him at work. The best part, in my mind, is when he realizes the camera is on and he tries to get around it to see the screen in the back...he's just so bright.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness

March has been a busy month so far with many birthday celebrations in the family, a start to swim lessons for Shayden and the sunshine of spring finally shedding some light on our lives. It has been a fun month and instead of breaking up my posts I just decided to show some of the best pictures from the month thus far and highlight the moments for you.

Shayden absolutely LOVES swim class. The hardest part is keeping him contained on the side of the pool until our instructor lets them get in the water. He has no problems going underwater, has a good kick when you prompt him to do so and goes crazy when they open the 3-story slide for us to slip and slide down. Chris came this past week and Shayden was in heaven!

On a beautiful sunny saturday we hit the town and Shayden met up with some firemen and the firetruck...he was on cloud 9 and when they gave him a hat, he still puts in on each day and places it carefully on his toy shelf each night (those are Daddy's sunglasses).

Another highlight to our winter has been our play group dates, this past week we went to Shayden's pals Izzy and Caleb's house where they have a real guitar...oh my goodness, nothing else mattered once that came out to play. Shayden was in love and spent the rest of his morning sitting on the floor embracing his true love. I think we may to think of upgrading his toy guitar soon as he is totally ready for the real thing.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Little Moments

There are days when being a full time mommy can wear on you and you need reminded of why you are choosing to stay home each and everyday and just love on your babies and raise them up to be good people. Most of the time these moments come when you least expect them and they are so refreshing and rewarding.
Each day when Shayden wakes up from his nap he has a snack, this particular day I came into the kitchen to find he had brought his buddy Elmo into the kitchen for a snack as well...I caught him sharing his "fish" with Elmo...what a total sweetheart! Although as you will see in the second picture I think Elmo started choking at one point. Sorry Elmo, sharing concept is still being worked on.

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