Sunday, January 31, 2010

Desert Fun

Each year Chris' parents head to La Quinta, CA for the winter and we absolutely love the chance to get to break up our winter by visiting them. Last year Shayden was only 5 months and couldn't really get into the trip but this year he is all over the putting green, tennis courts, pools, fountains and basically anything he can get his hands on. Thanks to Grandpa and GranDanna a golf club was waiting for him and he has put it to good use each and every day.

This is my favorite picture taken so was our first full day here and he had just woken from his nap for a nice snack out in the courtyard. With the warm sun we stripped his shirt off and he was in heaven. I can't blame him, I was a little jealous myself.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Then and Now

I jumped on my old computer this weekend and looked through some pictures of Shayden when he first joined us. As I was near tears I came across this picture of he and his cousin Eli and realized I had taken one of them just this week...Amazing the difference a year makes. I hope these two continue to be best buddies for many more to come.

(February 2009)

(January 2010)
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trash Diver

What do you do in the evenings for fun? I doubt it includes searching your trash for items that don't belong there!!!
Lately Shayden has increased his fetish with the trash can by throwing all sorts of things away. Friday night was a Huge hit as this was the loot collected from just 1 hour of playing with Dad...who won't admit to any of this because he never thought it peculiar that Shayden was running to and from the kitchen in pure joy and never returning with the toys that he was heading in there with.
Ah Lysol wipes, what would I do without you.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Day

As the snow came down today we decided to bundle Shayden up and get him outside. As we explained what we were going to do he could not contain his excitement...see pic below. It was so much fun to see him out there having a great time.

This is our neighbor Jean who Shayden adores. She was teaching him how to shovel which you would have thought was the greatest thing on the planet. He was all smiles and big eyes!

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