Monday, April 22, 2013


The month of April in review's been busy, and that about wraps it up.  Okay, okay that's why I have this force me to take a moment and recap.  Where to start?

The whole fam got to visit Daddy at work...YEAH!  After over a year at Paychex we finally had a real work lunch with Daddy and visited his office.  The kids had a tour of his space, met some of his office buddies and explored his cubicle.  The boys were in love and cannot wait to go back.

We had landscaping work done by Uncle Kathan.  Which meant machines, "workermen" and plenty of fresh air.  It was sad to see the large Ash tree cut down but a remarkable process to watch.  The tree climber said it was one of the largest he has cut and it definitely gave him a workout.  The 4 foot long chainsaw blade could not make it through the trunk - incredible.  I counted 108 rings in the trunk and am pretty confident I missed a few.

 Also this month Sutton accomplished rolling over from her back to her belly...yeah!  Seems like no big deal right, but this is HUGE people.  Now when she wakes in the middle of the night on her back she no longer has to scream until I run upstairs and flip her...she can just roll right on back to sleep.  Ahhhh sweet success.