Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Bite

A first time for anything is exciting so when Quinton took his first bite of rice cereal 2 weeks ago we had to document the occasion.  It took a few days for him to catch on but now he begs for his cereal and LOVES every bite.  

I can't get enough of his sweet spirit and wonderful smile.  He is such a joy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mind of a Child

While baking dozens upon dozens of cookies at Grandma's house Shayden had some free time to roam around and play.  This is what I found when cleaning up at the end of the day.  Apparently the donkey wasn't good enough...

...and baby Jesus makes the best driver (can't really argue there, He is perfect).

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What the What

Yes that's right, Shayden's favorite saying has adorned this blog's title as it is going to encompass way too many events all in one...but life is crazy and I don't have time to split them up nor do I want to.  So here it goes...

First up...Quinton is rolling!  He started over a month ago but wasn't really rolling his way across the crib or around the floor until the past week.  It has been fun to watch and also challenging as he gets a bit "stuck" at times when he can't figure out his next move.

Next...Thanksgiving was a blast!  We started our holiday a week early with my family (you have to make these compromises with so many siblings and in-laws) which was great.  It made one of my favorite holidays a whole week long and I loved it.  Shayden did not love the meal as much as I thought he would but of course didn't hesitate when it came to the pie!  

A hunting we will go...We followed up our Thanksgiving weekend by heading out to Timbuk Farms (a Testa/Romano tradition) to find that perfect tree to adorn our home.  We bundled up (it was freezing and SO windy), picked the finest hand saw off the hook and climbed aboard the 'christmas bus' out to the fields.  
- I should mention here that Chris and I had talked before hand that if we didn't see a tree that was great for under $40 we were going to come home empty handed...I mean come on people, Home Depot can do better than that and we are sick of being the losers who pay the most for their tree and it looks the worst-
Shayden was super pumped and for good reason...1 he gets to ride a bus, 2 he gets to hold a saw, 3 he is outside, 4 they have a tractor, 5 Santa was there, 6 can you say way too much popcorn and cotton candy (thank you Jamie and Deidre) and finally number 7 he was 2 HOURS late for his nap...and all in one day!  
After traipsing around for awhile and sawing some tree stumps we happily headed inside for a sit on Santa's lap and some snacks.  The only hitch in the plan came when we were climbing back in the car and Shayden says, 'Mom, there isn't a tree on top of our car'????  Huh, what was that honey...ugh, well ours is coming later (as in when we go to Home Depot and pay half the price as they are offering here).  

Shayden surprised us by being more than willing to sit on Santa's lap and he was very clear in telling Santa that he wanted slippers for Christmas!

And now you know why this post was entitled 'what the what'.