Friday, May 20, 2011

Makes me Laugh

Quinton just makes me laugh.  He is such a funny little boy and his actions reflect his zest for life.
The other day his GranDanna bought him a new book - a touch and feel - which he was super pumped to look at and experience.  After reading it once I placed it on the ground for him to continue to look at and when I checked back on him minutes later this is what I found.

Hey, this is soft.

No ones looking, right!


He takes "touch and feel" to a whole new level.

Friday, May 06, 2011

4th Annual Cinco de Mayo

Yes folks, its that time of year again...the Annual Cinco de Mayo party hosted by you know who...these guys!  I wish I could tell you that we celebrate the history of this day but in reality we just use it as a great reason to hit the patio and hang out with our family and friends.  Plus the kids love smashing into a pinata filled with candy...oh yeah and did I mention I make a killer margarita (thank you Mama Kay).  So as we enjoyed glorious weather last night, and after days of rain it was appreciated even more, I was thankful for this 5th of May and the wonderful tradition we started 4 years ago.  
Enjoy a view of the party from my lens.

Your hosts, Pepita and Pepe

Casual outdoor dining...may fav

The mad rush for a sugar high