Friday, June 18, 2010

Lawn Mower Man

If you have spent any time with Shayden you know his deep deep love of all machines, especially those that are related to lawn care. One of his favorite things to do with the flyers that come in the mail is to search for ones containing lawn equipment. He will then sit, anywhere, and study each page until he has talked about it at length.
One of our favorite words Shayden says is "lawn mower". He has a way of changing how many syllables are in the word each time he says it and you never know what version you are going to get. Recently his grandfather taught him how to correctly say it (which was kind of sad) but I nabbed this video just before he corrected his baby language mistake.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

few pics

I jumped on Chris' computer tonight and realized he had some cute pics of Shayden that I thought I would share. I feel like he is growing up so fast now and definitely all little boy and no more baby. Whew, that is hard to swallow sometimes and makes me tear up just typing it out. I am excited to see how he reacts/adjusts to his baby brother and what the next few months will bring.
We love you Shayden and are so thankful God has allowed us the opportunity to raise you.