Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris

Today is my husband's 31st birthday...well technically, in a few hours.  But for the moment I have some time to sit and write so I will grab it and go.

Chris is right now out with all my brothers, his brother and a buddy for some good old guy time.   He didn't know about this outing this evening until 5 minutes before he was picked up at our door, but that's what makes birthdays fun.  Others making you feel special and letting you know how much they care for you.

Tomorrow morning he will be greeted by his 3 kiddos and his favorite coffee cake for breakfast - and they CANNOT wait to eat cake for breakfast, I'm pretty sure they think they won the lottery.  And hopefully as he goes through his work day others might hear its a special day and wish him well.

For me, well its kind of an emotional birthday celebration.  Something about this year that has caused me to fall that much more deeply in love with this man.  Something that makes me want to beg God to allow us to always continue this way, as man and wife, best friends, parents and partners in crime.  And I know on earth we will, but we aren't promised tomorrow and so...tomorrow I will do everything I can to convey my love and thanks for being married to and sharing my life with God's greatest for me....Chris.

I love you babe!  Happy Birthday.

(our engagement)

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Hair up There

I almost hesitated in writing this post, but then husband doesn't read my blog, so here I go.
The post title really is fitting, because for months now I have heard almost nothing else in regards to personal physique than the issue of Chris' "receding hairline".  As much as this is a stimulating topic, its not one that occupies too much of my time or thought space and so I was baffled that he was REALLY reacting to the possibility that he may or may not be losing a few precious hairs.
At first I poo pooed the topic, "what, your kidding me right, your not losing your hair"...then it was, "are we still talking about this" forward a few days..."CHRIS, REALLY your freaking out about nothing...and you do realize that Stress can cause you to lose hair". 
All that to say, fast forward a couple months and I then stated, "Um, I guess I do think its receding a bit"....ugh, sorry babe!
So needless to say without him really knowing it and what proved to be perfect timing, I captured a quick shot of he and Sutton - who both seem to be losing hair.
Go ahead and get a good laugh, life's funniest moments are right in front of us...
and yes babe, its just hair.
(Oh, and I'm pretty sure mine is thinning out like the worst lawn in the neighborhood)