Friday, October 12, 2012

Captain America turns 4

Shayden is 4 years old!!!!
Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how fast those years have gone...but they have and this past weekend we celebrated in Superhero Style.

Shayden really wanted a superhero party this year and after grabbing a few costumes while I was out and about he landed firmly on Captain America.  A solid choice in my mind, I have absolutely NO CLUE about any superhero's, as there were no swords/guns/weapons involved in the costume.  :)

We gathered all our superhero friends and family members and embarked upon an adventure fit for any little superhero in training.
The evening started out with our Superhero Training Course which was demonstrated so well by Captain America's Grandpa (in full costume I might add).  And the kids grabbed onto the challenge well.  The course included, running, sliding, jumping, climbing under ropes and finished with a human tunnel formed by loudly cheering parents.

A Superhero meal was next on the agenda as each little superhero needed to power up for their upcoming challenge....The Superhero Strength Test.  Each child, if they so chose, could have their parents wrap them up in toilet paper and then break out using their superhero muscles!  It was a big hit with the boys.

The night finished off with a Captain America cake and plenty of sugar loading for the kiddos.  All in all a wonderful night to mark our little man's entrance into his fourth year.

A few pics:

Shayden, Happy Birthday buddy.  We love you to the moon and back.  You are an amazing little boy and we are so happy and grateful to be the parents God chose for you.  You continue to amaze us with your interests and knowledge.  And while your negotiating skills are improving a little too fast for my liking I know God has great plans for the wisdom you are gaining each year.  
All our love and admiration,
Mom and Dad

Thursday, October 04, 2012

93 and Fabulous

On Tuesday we celebrated Grandma Lilian's 93rd Birthday!!!  And it was a celebration to remember.  We surprised her at her dance class....yes, that's right, her dance class - which she drove herself to by the way.  And boy was she shocked and excited.  Mom and Dad Testa had a beautiful cake and cards ready for her and her friends and everyone gathered around to sing and celebrate.  
She then topped off the celebration by dancing for an hour and half...the boys and GranDanna joined her for some sweet moves and I think she really enjoyed getting to show off her Great Grand Babies to her friends.

A few pictures to highlight the occasion.
We love you G.G.

The Beautiful Cake

Total Shock when she saw the family at class.

Singing and Blowing out the candles.